Water Heaters

Dutch Heating Inc works with Navien's condensing for an on-demand water heater. The unit is activated the second you turn on the faucet, supplying you with instant hot water. Conventional tank-type water heaters eventually run out of water, but because Navien's units only supply water when needed, running out of hot water is never an issue. Also, it helps reduce service calls with an in-take air filter, minimizing dirt and debris from collecting inside.

Dutch Heating Inc also installs and services your typical tank water heaters. Our most common one is the 40 gallon version, so that you rarely run out of hot water, when using it. If you are experiencing issues with your tank-type water heater, we'll be out there to assist you with it.

Save Water

With a built-in circulation pump and buffer tank, Navien's units re-circulate water that would otherwise be lost and save water. They also eliminate the minimum-flow requirement and the “cold-water sandwich.”

Leak Detection

Navien's units have a special software that helps detect leaks. This way you can prevent damage to the water heater, your home, or your business.
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